Kauna'oa Bay, Hawaii

Kaunaoa Bay has one of the few white sand beaches of the Kohala Coast, the western side of the island of Hawaii. A historic hotel is located on the bay, which has given it the name Mauna Kea Beach.

This is one of the best beaches on the island with a natural rock reef and perfect sand in a crescent shape extending for almost 1/4 mile make it one of beautiful beaches located in front of the Mauna Kea Resort. The beach has facilities like limited parking. Swimming, snorkeling, and boogie boarding as recreations facilities

The bay is accessed via Mauna Kea Beach Drive, just west of state Route 19, Hawaii Belt Road,about 2.6 miles south of Kawaihae, Hawaii. Before development the beach was home for the species of hawksbill turtles nesting and mating on the beach .A part of the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail the bay can be hiked north to Samuel M. Spencer Beach Park or south to Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area.

Stretching for about half a mile the beach has two coral reefs and the sloping provides a good spot for sunbathing and snorkeling along the rocky southern side of the beach .This part of the beach gives a eyeful of sea turtles, parrotfish, butterfly fish and other tropical fish can be spotted , but dangerous during winter months with high tide .

In a nut shell the Kauna'oa Bay beach offered

Southern end of the bay is the calmest and best for children and novice swimmers
One of the best beaches on the Big Island
Rare white-sand beach with good swimming and snorkeling conditions
Good snorkeling around the rocks on the southern (left) side of the beach


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