Maldives with its deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees is made up of 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls, spread over 90,000 square kilometers.

Ninety-nine percent of the Maldives is made up of sea with about 200 inhabited islands of which 90 islands are developed as tourist resort and the rest are used for agriculture and other livelihood purposes.

The lsland group has a history of Roman Catholism, Muslim kingdom, British dominance to a republic. As a transit point on the trading route of Indian Ocean, Maldives as such the to-and-fro flow of people and their cultures, left its impact on the Maldivian people, the language, beliefs, arts, and attitudes.

The islands are protected by thousands of reefs that need to be alive for this unique archipelago to exist in future. Endangered marine species like the whale shark, turtles, dolphins as well as corals are also protected by law.

The weather in the Maldives is usually picture perfect: sunlit days, breezy nights, balmy mornings, and iridescent sunsets. With the average temperature at about 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Maldives has two distinct seasons; dry season (northeast monsoon) and wet season (southwest monsoon), with the former extending from January to March and the latter from mid-May to November.


Diving Maldives

The warm seas of Maldives with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty meters away at times is a divers paradise with over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures underneath.

Water sports

In a place that is more sea than land, water is the only sportive alternative .The Maldivians swim for recreation, they play water polo with their friends at weekend picnics, and also surf addictively.


A visit to the inhabited islands will provide a peak into lifestyles, food habits, culture and also pastime habits. Some of these islands are slightly more modern: with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas.

The Maldives Honeymoon

Worlds top celebrities, rich newly weds come to Maldives for their honeymoon. Because Maldives is the world’s best backdrop for a thing called Honeymoon. A celebration of love in an intimate, secluded, and most importantly and beautiful setting.

Spa and wellness

Just lying on a deserted beach of a Maldivian island, taking in nothing but the continuous rhythm of the waves, the sea salt in the air and feeling the soft white sand on your bare feet is enough to sooth your senses. It is also the premier tropical beach destination in the world and the best place to relax and unwind from the hectic and chaotic lifestyle of the modern world.

Where to stay

The tourism operated Resorts, Hotels, safari and guest houses are available in many islands for the benefit of tourists and leisure mongers.

How to reach

Airlines to Ibrahim Nasir Male' International Airport the main airlines flying in from Europe are the UK, German & Italian charter flights which fly direct.

The Maldives, though isolated in location, is easily accessible from anywhere in South-East Asia, the Middle-East and Europe.

Getting around the Maldives: There are several options of transport within the islands, by sea and air.

Private Yacht visits to Maldives: for super yachts and mega yachts inquires please contact Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA).

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